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16 Years of Service

-Established in 2007-


Cutting Edge Construction Technology and Advanced Building Methods is how Estezo Estates remains the best choice for both sustainable and reliable building structures.

We deliver as promised with our 25 Year Warranty, and the proof is in our work!

Green, NetZero, Leed, Energy-efficient, ICF Builder, Building Contractor.

Structurally Stronger, Highly Energy Efficient, Building Envelopes as well as more durable Interior and Exterior Finishes.


Modern Minimalism, Classic Architecture and everything in between.

But the look is only half the battle!

Energy-efficient Design, NetZero, Green, Leed, ICF Construction is just a piece of the puzzle, there’s alot more that goes along with it.

Avoiding costly mistakes and hasty decisions can only be achieved with the proper precautionary measures. A well-planned project saves time and money!


Want to restore a historic property? Or perhaps you just want to get the most of your home without having to move.

Whatever your remodeling needs, we got you covered!

Energy-efficiency is achievable if you re-model with the right methods and materials.

Connect with us today and find out more about how Estezo Estates can help you build up your property value and secure a reliable future for you and your family.

Featured Work

We take pride in our work

What our Clients are saying

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Major Structural Renovation

Little Italy, Toronto

“These guys saved my house! After buying a newly renovated property I found out that it was structurally compromised – with all of the problems hidden behind the walls. Jerson and Orlando helped by immediately bringing in an engineer and coming up with a game plan to fix it. Their experience and commitment to quality shone through every step of the way. Their quoting was accurate and their commitment to the project was outstanding. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. They truly care about their work, craftsmanship and their clients.”

Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Birkdale, Toronto

“We hired this company to do our kitchen renovation and were very pleased with their work. They worked within our budget, kept us in the loop at every turn and finished on time. They are trustworthy and have integrity and they stand behind their work. Highly recommended!”

Complete Shower Rebuild & Waterproofing

Bronte, Oakville

“My wife and I noticed a leak in our kitchen ceiling earlier this year and knew we had shower problems. Our main concern was not just re-doing the shower, but re-doing the shower in a way that we would be sure we would not be “forced” into another renovation by a failing product. When we met Jerson Estezo we were delighted to hear about the waterproofing technologies his company was using. He did not offer this technology as an upgrade, it was included in their standard price! He explained that this was the only way they did showers. It was too risky giving a five year warranty relying on the tile, grout and silicone to hold back the water. He explained that the rubber membrane under the concrete shower pan that was required by minimum code does not waterproof the shower it only slows and contains damage once it occurs. He told us that even if the shower was built properly sometimes movement in the structure of the home can weaken the shower structure allowing the water to pass to the rubber membrane and eventually to your kitchen ceiling or what have you. Their waterproofing system goes on top of the base, steps and walls just before the tile, so even if we were to intentionally break the tile and grout the water would not pass their membrane unless it was deliberately damaged. Because the membrane allows for movement (crack prevention) not just the waterproofing, the structural movement of the house would not damage it, it would take physical deliberate damage to make penetration. We did our own research which completely verified all the information he had passed to us. He was very detailed in his contract and even took us tile shopping personally. His men protected the entire path from the front door to the bathroom shower where they were working. The tiling job is magnificent and my wife and I have the piece of mind that the shower not only looks good on the outside but has the structural integrity necessary underneath to last until we decide to change the look. Thanks so much to Orlando, Jerson, Branco, Mario and the rest of the crew.”

Home Renovations - Repeat Customer

Eldorado Park, Greater Toronto Area

“I have only the best things to say about Estezo Estates. This father-son duo work incredibly well together, and since they are a family business, they really pride themselves and define themselves by their workmanship. They are very thorough with much attention to detail. Jerson personally inspects the work other sub-contractors do for him, and even stands over them at the time they are doing the most difficult part of their task to make sure it meets with his standards and vision for the project. I cannot emphasize how much detail is important to them. One last point: I felt very secure that I was dealing with trustworthy and moral people. They seem to be God-fearing like people were in the old days. I knew intuitively that I would not be harmed or cheated, and I was right. Even the minor controversial areas of the project materials and costing were handled with justice with even possibly a minor loss on their side. This is probably why there is blessing in their work. What I asked for has still stood the test of time since the job was done. Great job, and great people!”

Complete Bathroom Expansion Renovation

Applewood Hills, Greater Toronto Area

“It has been about 8 years now that I have been planning a custom bathroom renovation on my master bedroom washroom. I spent hours planning and mulling over design ideas and concepts because, as I’m sure most can agree with me, a renovation of this nature is going to stick with you for many years, and it needs to be top notch. For top notch work, you need a top notch renovator so I went straight to Homestars. This was no run of the mill bathroom reno. I needed a complete gut, remodel and superb finish. The existing shower was going to have to be made larger, taking out part of my walk in closet. Heated floors would be going in as well as a new fan and the plumbing was being upgraded all the way with jets and special showerheads, you name it I wanted it.

I chose Estezo Estates because of the positive reviews on here, and when I talked about design concepts, Jerson, the son of the owner (Orlando Estezo), made me feel like he was describing his own bathroom. When he spoke to me I felt he really had a passion for his work and I knew he would execute this renovation as if it were his own bathroom he was working on. His eye for detail, like mine, is strong. Not to mention the knowledge this young man displays of the construction process and the details involved in these different waterproofing methods and crack prevention this and structure that.

The company name struck me as a very personal down to earth title that sort of connected with me, and once I had them in the door it was exactly that, a personal connection. Jerson continually checked up throughout the job to make sure I was happy and that everything was progressing to my satisfaction. He took all of my many phone calls immediately, and never made me feel like I was bothering him no matter how trivial the question. He even offered to come shopping with me to pick up my fixtures! His father Orlando was there almost on a daily basis to make sure all the right materials were delivered and that their guys had the tools they needed, and that my dogs were properly entertained! 🙂

They have a quality team behind them, and do quality work! They completely stuck to their quote, even when they had a surprise discovery about installing my ceiling fan, due to my attic configuration and roof slope it turned out to be a much bigger job then anticipated, and they covered that cost themselves, sticking to their quote.

I believe I made the right choice by sharing my bathroom renovation with Estezo Estates and I’m sure you will too. These guys love what they do and take pride in delivering a quality job, and a happy customer. I was nervous about hiring contractors as it was the first time I had done any work this large, and having heard nightmare reno stories I really was afraid of being taken advantage of and getting poor quality work. My fears were totally unneccesary with Jerson and Orlando. A 5 star job from the some great people I am happy to have met, and will call back again very soon when I’m ready to do my kitchen. Great work guys!”

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