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In 2015 ESTEZO ESTATES was invited to participate on HGTV`s show HONEY I WRECKED MY HOUSE

ESTEZO ESTATES partnered with one of our regular Structural Engineers – Paul Kocsis P-Eng of Kocsis Engineering to created the drawings and Estezo Estates dealt with the City of Oakville to source the permit.

After speaking on the show about the structural work with the host and engineer, Jerson-Daniel and Orlando Estezo along side valued crew member, Marlon Murphy perform a structural repair for the Oakville Property.

Thanks to HGTV the production company and the camera crew!


Renovator Spotlight – Estezo Estates

R&D Thursday, March 24, 2011

NAME: Orlando & Jerson-Daniel Estezo 

COMPANY NAME: Estezo Estates 

YEARS IN OPERATION: 4 (at the time of this article, 2011)

SPECIALIZE IN:  High-End Interior Renovations and Custom Construction


To us, the most important aspect of our business is not the quantity of work we bring in, but the quality of work. When we go to an estimate the customer is interviewing us in order to help themselves decide if we are the right company for their job.  At the same time we are carefully interviewing the customer and reviewing the job evaluating the final product. For us our work is like art, what is the point of spending three months painting a picture if it won’t be beautiful. Sure you make money, but money gets spent faster then you bring it in. Beauty on the other hand, lasts as long as the medium channeling that art is preserved and as long as it is being appreciated by a beholder.  It can die and then live again many times until the end of this world. We aren’t in the renovations business, we are in the art business.

THE BIGGEST JOB YOU’VE EVER DONE: The complete restoration and waterproofing of the lower level of a local community mosque.

A FUNNY/STRANGE THING HAPPENED ON THE JOB SITE: Things went as planned and there were actually no glitches, set backs or mistakes!

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR A PERSON TO KNOW BEFORE HIRING A RENOVATOR/CONTRACTOR: The most important thing a customer should know about their contractor, does he have a passion for his work? If it’s just about business, the job cannot reach its full potential. Business means balancing cost, quality, efficiency and profit. In other words, a good compromise among those elements. With compromise, no one element can reach its full potential. One has to give way for the other to balance. But if someone loves what they do and takes pride in their work (passion), they will spend extra time and go the extra mile to make sure the product they are building reaches its potential.

ANY FAMOUS CLIENTS? Michael Jackson… No relation.

THE FUTURE OF RENOVATION IN THE GTA LOOKS LIKE THIS: Wow, umm depends on the clients. If clients keep looking for bargains and “just want the work done”, my market will become more and more of a rare luxury (increasing my profit and reputation, God willing).  And their market will be taken further and further into the “flea market”, further devaluing their profit, quality and reputations.   

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